Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to see progress? 

A: Usually our clients see progress within 30-45 days after our first round of disputes have been mailed. However each client's success is unique to their circumstances and efforts. 

It may be helpful to remember the following — credit repair done right is a long-term partnership and not an overnight process. 

Q: Why do I need to pay for credit monitoring? 

A: The easiest way to explain this is: If you needed brain surgery, would you go right to the operating table without an x-ray? Credit monitoring IS the x-ray for credit repair. 

Here at M.A. Wright Consulting, we have partnered with Smart Credit to bring you the following:

- All Three Credit Reports & Credit Scores on ONE report!


- A money manager feature that helps you keep track of your bills — it even sends out reminders to help avoid late payments.

- Credit simulator: showing you how certain activities will possibly affect your credit scores

.... and much more! 

You can start a 7-day trial for only $4.99 by clicking here. Once your trial is over you will be charged $19.99 for each month thereafter.

(You save $19.99 each month by using our partner link. Without our partnership, you will only be able to see ONE SCORE and ONE REPORT each month at the $19.99 price.)

Q: What is a credit score? Why does it matter? 

A: This is such a great question and one that we have dedicated an entire page to: "Understanding Your Credit"